Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Many tourists are surprised when they walk down Cottage street and spot a true fast food shop - Subway has been doing very well in Bar Harbor for years now.  They are surprised because many of them have heard that Bar Harbor has banned fast food places.  The fact is they have not banned them, but they have banned drive throughs, which has the same effect as banning fast food places.  Since Subway doesn't use a drive through window, the ban doesn't effect them.
It's not that people haven't tried to make a fast food place work in town, I remember many years ago when I first moved to Bar Harbor there was a burger joint on Cottage street.  When its lease was up, the rent was increased to a point that the burger shop could not afford to stay there and a restaurant took over the building.  Others have tried since than and failed for the same reason - very high rent increases.
What many don't know about Bar Harbor is that the majority of the buildings in town are owned by people from away.  The result is this game of musical chairs that is played each year with shops always having to relocate or close. 
So if you are ever walking down a street in town and asking yourself - wasn't that shop on the other end of the street last year, or wasn't that business on another street in town last year, your probably right and it was most likely a victim of this crazy game of musical chairs that gets played out at the start of each new tourist season.

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