Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Many  know that once there was a cog train that carried passengers from Eagle Lake to the summit of Cadillac Mountain (than called Green Mountain), but did you know that once there was a train known as the Bar Harbor Express?  In it's day it was one of the fastest trains in New England, carrying passengers in luxury  cars as they made their way toward bar Harbor. 
But the Bar Harbor Express never reached Bar Harbor, it only went as far as Hancock, where passengers stepped off of the train and onto one of several ferry's which carried them to Bar Harbor.  At one time old maps show a building on the end of the town pier owned by the railroad company where tickets for the train were sold.  So to travel to the actual train station in Hancock, you had to purchase two tickets in Bar Harbor, one for the train and one for the ferry which got you to the train.
One of the original locomotives which was part of the Bar Harbor express was recently purchased from the city of waterville, Maine where it has been on display for many years.  The train is being brought back to life and will one day soon be making excursion trips in the ellsworth area.

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