Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Once there was a pizza shop on cottage street named Carlo's Pizza.  It was always a very busy shop with people often waiting for a table to become empty.  One day Carlo's came up with an idea for a new sandwich - I am not sure what that sandwich was first named, but it soon was renamed The Carlo's Nightmare. 
This happened when someone placed a very large order of the sandwiches for an event, something like 150 of them.  By the time Carlos had finished making all those sandwiches, he changed the name and that's how the Carlo's Nightmare became to be one of the most popular sandwiches in Bar Harbor.
Sadly, Charlo's went on vacation one day to Florida and passed away, and for many years the famous sandwich seemed lost because his once famous pizza shop cloed without him.
One day I decided to send a letter to the local paper asking if there was anyone out there who knew what went into this famous sandwich.  as it turned out, there was.  Someone who use to work there and make sandwiches recalled exactly how they were made. 
Not too long after that, another local pizza shop in town began making the same sandwich but with a slightly different name - it is now called the Rosalie's Nightmare, sold at Rosalie's Pizza and sub shop on Cottage street.  The sandwich is a huge hit with the locals and if you haven't tried one, you don't know what your missing.

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