Friday, July 22, 2016


In this weeks paper the Park Service announced its plans for Compass Harbor and Old Farm, the name of the George B. Dorr site.  I think there plans come as no surprise, the area will be treated as a natural area, which is code for they don't want people finding the location.  The stone steps will be fixed so they don't wobble, the foundation of Old Farm will be spruced up, some tree's removed, and that is about it.
No mention of putting up a monument to honor George B. Dorr, and the very tiny hard to find parking lot will stay as it is, which means Compass Harbor and the site of Old Farm has to be treated as an abandoned site, much like the Hanging Steps, the Great Cave and Anemone cave are.
This means that if you or your family want to visit the site and make use of its two beaches, you will have to google the area for directions.

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