Saturday, August 27, 2016

Black Bear Spotted at Blackwoods Campground

There are few bear sightings on Mount desert Island, and what sightings do accrue usually take place on the quiet side of the island, so when this weeks paper came out with news a Black Bear has been spotted by a number of people by Blackwoods Campground, it got people's attention.  The paper even published a photo of the Black bear in question.
Years ago the Park Service had a program in place where Black Bears were removed from the island, but that is not the case today.  Thankfully 99.9 percent of bears in Maine fear people and want nothing to do with them, so what bear population is here on the island for the most part goes unseen.
Over all the years I have lived here on the Island I have  only seen one Black Bear, and that was on the quiet side of the island along the Lighthouse road in Bass Harbor.  The woods over there are loaded with wild berries, which in turns attracts bears.
The most famous bear incident took place years ago, when a Black Bear wandered  down onto Cottage Street and climbed high up into a tree in front of the Town Office. 


In the past two weeks three more bear sightings have been reported in the Bar Harbor area.  One Black Bear came up to some one's back door after they left some trash outside.  

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