Thursday, October 20, 2016

Parking Meters and Traffic Lights

Nothing ruins the feel of a small friendly village more than traffic lights and parking meters, yet it appears both are about to make their debut in bar Harbor, Maine.  At some point in the not too distance future a traffic light will be placed at the intersection of the Eagle Lake road and Mount desert Street.  Now if anyone knows anything at all about traffic lights, once you have one, they seem to multiply faster than rabbits ( just look at Ellsworth).
And yes, parking meters, it appears, are also arriving.  In fact, walking down Cottage street the other day I came upon the very first parking meter to be installed here, a few parking stalls up from Route 66.  They are electronic parking meters with a nice friendly sign on them, Welcome To Bar Harbor.
This one parking meter said to swipe your credit card and select your stall.  As more go up, if you don't have a credit card with you your screwed because these parking meters don't take money, only credit cards.  Oh, and it also said you get to park there for up to eight hours for a dollar.  Nothing says progress like parking meters.
Sadly the town of Bar Harbor didn't do their homework because in most of the Maine towns where parking meters were installed they have long since been removed - nobody likes them.  Go to Boothbay Harbor and for many years after the parking meters were removed those ugly iron posts were still in the ground, it was just an unsightly mess.  But I guess the dollar signs have town officials believing parking meters will work out well  here when they have failed in other places in Maine.
Stay tune, because as more go up, I will post places where you can park and avoid these parking meters altogether.


The towns efforts to install parking meters across town has been defeated by the people of Bar Harbor - AMEN.  So for now, there will be no parking meters, period.
As far as the first traffic light in town, sorry to report, it has been installed and is in service.  So if your driving down Eden Street, route 3, when you reach the intersection of route 233, Kebo Street and Mount Desert Street, a brand new set of traffic lights will be there to greet you.
To avoid the traffic lights, take a left from route 3 onto West Street or cottage street, drive down to Maine street on the other end, and turn right, that will get you onto route 3 again if your headed for Otter Creek, or Blackwoods Campground
It will also get you into downtown Bar Harbor while avoiding the lights.

 Map does not show side streets but you can see how to avoid the traffic lights.

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