Saturday, June 10, 2017


There has been a major policy change concerning Bar Island which everyone should be made aware of.  The  National Park service has had a policy in place that if anyone got stuck or stranded on Bar Island they would go out and get them and bring them back to shore.  That will no longer be the case. 
New signs are going up on both sides of the sand bar letting people know that if they get stuck on Bar Island, they will have to call a local water taxi to go over and bring them back to shore.  This may not seem like a big deal, right?  After all, how much can a water taxi cost for such a short distance?  How about $150.00 - that is what the local water taxi has said it will charge to bring people from Bar Island to the Bar Harbor pier.  For that kind of money you may be better off swimming back across.  And for your convenience, the phone number to the water taxi is on the signs.
But as hard to believe as this new shift in Park Policy is, most people will have no idea of how much they will be charged when they call that phone number for the water taxi, because a very strange thing happened when the signs were being put up.  It seems someone placed the large screw and washer so it covered up the $150.00 price of the taxi.  Strange how that worked out.
The Bar Harbor Police Department has stated that they will not leave anyone stranded on Bar Island and if anyone calls the police for help, they will try and get them a boat ride back, but it may take some time.  There is also the Harbor Master, but i do not believe his phone number appears on the new signs.
So while your stuck on Bar Island, you can fork over $150.00 to get back across, or call the police, or do a little math.  Once the sand bar goes under water, you have about 5 to 6 hours before you can cross it again, so you could wait for the next low tide.  But if you came around the corner and can still see small stretches of the sand bar, your best bet is to roll up your pant legs and rush across, the water can get a little deep in a few sections, but ending up with wet pet legs is far better than forking over $150.00 for a two minute taxi ride.
Now someone stands to make a whole lot of money off this new policy, after all, nearly every day someone gets stuck over there. 

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